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How do I vote for a film?
Viewers may vote once a day (from one IP/Device) for any film in the entire program.  Simply click the Vote button associated with your favorite(s) and help choose the Audience Choice Award! Please play fair! Any attempt to tamper with the voting process (i.e. use of automated equipment) may result in the disqualification of the participants. Thanks for voting!
Does my film have to be exactly 60 seconds?
Yes! If your film is off by a few seconds, trim it or change the speed to make it 60 seconds in length. We don’t want to tamper with your art
Why are the films you screen silent?
GOTTA MINUTE is adopting a silent program in line with our sister festival TUFF in Toronto.  In calling for silent films we want to encourage the art of visual storytelling.
Can I use subtitles in my film?
Yes! Subtitles can be used for dialogue and non-diagetic content (like a voice-over, but in text). Another option is inter-titles (the screens that come up between scenes in silent films). We suggest a minimum text size of 30 pixels, which equals about 22 or 23 points.
Can I submit more than one film?
Yes. Please limit your submissions to three and send us your very best.
How recent do films have to be for inclusion in your festival?
We don’t mind what year your film was made.
Can I submit a one-minute edit of a longer film?
How will my film be displayed on the ETS LRT screens?
CLICK HERE to see mockups of the GMFF frameworks that house the films on the ETS LRT screens.
When do I hear back from GOTTA MINUTE about my submission?
You’ll be hearing from us by mid August.
When do you put submissions up online?
Festival selections will be added to our GOTTA MINUTE website in time for the first day of the festival and run continuously in the Festival Online Gallery for years to come.
How are the films screened?
The films are screened as video files formatted for the Onestop network of digital displays within the Edmonton Transit LRT. Official selections are also screened on our website and in the GOTTA MINUTE Screening Rooms located in the Edmonton Public Library and Zeidler Hall in the Citadel Theatre. See events for all screening room listings!.
Does GOTTA MINUTE pay artist fees?
Yes. In 2016 we will pay artists $100 CDN for our Public screenings on the LRT platform screens and the EPL Screening Rooms, and for inclusion of filmmaker works on our website.